Bedroom Wardrobes | 4 Organisational Tips To Avoid Cluttering Your Wardrobe

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Bedroom Wardrobes | 4 Organisational Tips To Avoid Cluttering Your Wardrobe

25 April 2016
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Wardrobes serve as excellent solutions for bedroom storage because they help to take away clutter from floors. Getting your wardrobes in order is vital to avoid overcrowding it. Learn how to use these savvy tips in your quest to keep your wardrobes clutter-free.

Plan Shelving Based On Items You Want To Store

A good rule to keep in mind is the fact that uniform shelving may not solve your need to store items inside the wardrobe. This is because shelves take up precious wardrobe storage space but aren't able to stack all items. For instance, hand bags may need to be stored in larger shelf space, while underwear and ties can be stored on smaller shelves. You should ideally design shelves to accommodate various items you need to store.  

Allow For More Hanging Space

Hanging clothes inside wardrobes is an easy way to ensure that your clothing is organised and neat without crumpling your clothes too much. This strategy works perfectly if you have a lot of suits, dresses, shirts and pants to store. Once you hang up a majority of your clothes as high as possible in the wardrobe, you can use the space freed at the bottom for storage bins or shoe racks. For better organisation, you can group clothes together and separate them with labels. For instance, you can group dresses into formal and informal dresses or group shirts into short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts. 

Add Built-In Drawers For Neater Spaces

Built-in drawers are great for storing underwear, accessories, sweaters and bed linen, so consider adding them to your bedroom wardrobes. Make sure the drawers are not too deep, because you certainly don't want to go through large stacks of stored items to find what you're looking for.  A series of shorter drawers may not always offer similar space to deeper drawers, but they allow you to organise your items in a better manner for each drawer.

Introduce A Shoe Holder To Serve Multiple Purposes

Shoe holders set over wardrobe doors serve multiple purposes. They work to remove your shoes from your floors, but they also double up as pouches for more than only shoes. For instance, you can use these pouches to store small items like accessories, leggings, socks, lingerie, ties, earrings and other small extras. These types of shoe holders are typically budget-friendly, so you don't have to worry about paying a hefty price tag.

If you're looking to organise your closet smartly, follow these savvy organisational tips for the best outcome.