3 Clever Actions To Shield Your Blinds From Damage Just Before A Storm

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3 Clever Actions To Shield Your Blinds From Damage Just Before A Storm

10 August 2016
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Made from resilient and durable weatherproof materials, outdoor blinds act as aesthetic and functional additions to any patio. But when the weather turns on you, then you'll need to find a good way to ensure that your outdoor blinds remain damage-free. A little extra care will go a long way in extending the lifespan of your alfresco blinds, so follow these steps to keep your blinds from damage just before a storm is scheduled to arrive.

Clean and Dry Them Before Closing

Outdoor blinds are typically made from weatherproof materials like PVC to ensure that they remain resilient in all kinds of conditions. But outdoor blinds are designed to dry quickly when left open. When you close them up to protect them from a storm, there's no room for the wetness and moisture on them to dry up inside. This could cause the PVC material to warp and crack if you leave your outdoor blinds rolled up for a long time. The best way to protect your outdoor blinds is to wipe them down and dry them properly before you close them completely or keep them indoors.

Close Them Up

The best way to shield your outdoor blinds from an approaching storm is to close them up. This ensures that they don't directly encounter harsh winds when fully open, since this will put tremendous pressure on them. The added strain will likely cause wear and tear. Roll them up just before a storm arrives to protect them from heavy rains and wind. If the storm is expected to be particularly harsh, consider removing them from the brackets and placing them inside your home until the weather gets better.

Secure Them to Reduce Strain

You can also secure them with ropes on either side to protect them from opening up in the middle of the storm. You need to make sure that the outdoor blinds are properly fastened to reduce the amount of pressure and strain put on them by heavy rains and winds during the storm. Check that they are correctly installed into the brackets because even a little wind could displace them from their proper positioning, which will damage them over time. Making sure they are positioned accurately within the brackets is a good way to shield them from the potential damage that may arise from stormy weather conditions.

If a severe storm is expected to approach your area, consider these quick actions to protect your outdoor blinds from substantial damage.