Out With The Old | Frame Your Bathroom With These 3 Eclectic Mirror Glass Splashback Ideas

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Out With The Old | Frame Your Bathroom With These 3 Eclectic Mirror Glass Splashback Ideas

31 August 2016
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Who ever said that splashbacks were only meant for kitchens? Elevating the look of your bathroom with a glass splashback is a good way to change the feel of your bathing space when you're bored with the old. If you decide to add glass splashbacks to your new bathroom, you'll benefit from lower maintenance and trendy elegance almost instantly. Frame your bathroom with these eclectic mirror splashback ideas, making it one of the most stylish rooms in your home.

Bring Old World Charm

If you love the idea of traditional and old world décor for your spaces, then vintage mirror framed splashbacks make a stunning statement in your bathroom with their gorgeous frames and ornate finishes. Vintage mirror glass splashbacks pair well with traditional bathroom fixtures like standalone bathtubs, pedestal sinks and wainscoting or beadboard panels. The best part of this vintage mirror idea is that you can simply recycle old glass and gilded frames to produce visually enhancing glass splashbacks for your bathroom sink area. Keep in mind that vintage mirror glass splashbacks work best when you have a larger bathroom because of the elaborate nature of the design.

Embrace A Contemporary Feel

If you have a contemporary bathroom with minimal lines and fuss, then a sleek, bevelled mirror splashback with no grooves and cuts is perfect for you. Modern bevelled mirror glass splashbacks are ideal for giving your bathroom a sprawling feel because the light reflecting off the surface creates a perception of space, while the bevel effect takes away the sharp edges and introduces softness. If you have a bathroom with brand new fixtures and modern fittings, then bevelled mirror glass splashbacks are more suited to your home. You can even get them fitted using recessed nails to avoid any protrusions and to maintain the smoothness of the mirrored splashback.

Inject Drama And Personality

Hexagonal mirror glass splashbacks are supreme additions to your bathroom sink area because the nature of the design injects drama and personality into an otherwise plain space. The idea is to purchase multiple small hexagonal mirrors and join them together at the edges to create a single mirrored splashback. The result of this effort creates a honeycomb effect, which looks spectacular when offset against a traditional or modern bathroom. The small hexagon mirrors can either be flat or bevelled based on your desire.

Turn your bathroom into a gorgeous focal point in your home with these eclectic ideas for mirror glass splashbacks.