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Hello, my name is Doug and in this is my home and garden development blog. On this blog, I will be passing on everything I have learnt about designing, building and maintaining your dream home and garden. And believe me, I know a lot. I am not a professional contractor, but I have spent the last 2 years working with a range of different contractors to develop my home and garden. The guys have done a fantastic job and I am really pleased with the results they have generated. I hope you find this blog useful and enjoyable to read.


Why Put Up A Gabled Carport?

24 October 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

A carport is a shelter primarily used for covering cars. Typically it is constructed next to the main house to protect cars from harsh weather elements such as direct sunlight, constant downpour of rain, snow, ice, hail, as well as falling objects such as dried out branches from trees in the yard. Carports come in so many designs types, which may make it difficult for you to choose an appropriate design for your particular requirements. Read More …

What’s That Smell? What to Do When You Run over Dog Poop with Your Lawn Mower

19 September 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

It's funny how that while your dog thinks of you as their master, you're the one who has to clean up their poop! Scooping up that poop is a chore that every dog owner knows very well, and you probably do it diligently each day. Sometimes you might miss some of it, and this can be bad news when you're mowing the lawn. Sure, lawn mowers will go straight through that poop, but this is bad news for your lawn, and often for your lawn mower. Read More …

Out With The Old | Frame Your Bathroom With These 3 Eclectic Mirror Glass Splashback Ideas

31 August 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Who ever said that splashbacks were only meant for kitchens? Elevating the look of your bathroom with a glass splashback is a good way to change the feel of your bathing space when you're bored with the old. If you decide to add glass splashbacks to your new bathroom, you'll benefit from lower maintenance and trendy elegance almost instantly. Frame your bathroom with these eclectic mirror splashback ideas, making it one of the most stylish rooms in your home. Read More …

3 Things You Should Know About In-Floor Heating

25 August 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Radiant floor heating is a concept that's steadily gaining popularity with the modern homeowner. Before you join this bandwagon however, it's good to get an understanding of what you'll be getting yourself into. Below is a discussion on three aspects of radiant floor heating that you should find useful. How Radiant Floor Heating Works A radiant heating system is installed under your floor(s) and it works under the principle that hot air rises (convection). Read More …

3 Clever Actions To Shield Your Blinds From Damage Just Before A Storm

10 August 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Made from resilient and durable weatherproof materials, outdoor blinds act as aesthetic and functional additions to any patio. But when the weather turns on you, then you'll need to find a good way to ensure that your outdoor blinds remain damage-free. A little extra care will go a long way in extending the lifespan of your alfresco blinds, so follow these steps to keep your blinds from damage just before a storm is scheduled to arrive. Read More …