Why Put Up A Gabled Carport?

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Why Put Up A Gabled Carport?

24 October 2016
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A carport is a shelter primarily used for covering cars. Typically it is constructed next to the main house to protect cars from harsh weather elements such as direct sunlight, constant downpour of rain, snow, ice, hail, as well as falling objects such as dried out branches from trees in the yard. Carports come in so many designs types, which may make it difficult for you to choose an appropriate design for your particular requirements. One of the more common design types across Australia is the gable roof carports. If you are looking for a structure to protect your car from the elements when it is parked outside, here is why you had better use a gable roof carport.

Good drainage

Gabled carports are essentially car shelters with high-pitched roofs. Because of the inverted-V shape of these roofs, there is practically no chance for stormwater, snow, ice, and hail to stand on the surface of the roofs and cause water damage, especially during the rainy and winter spells. Gabled carports encourage run-off and prevents problems such as ice dams or leaks that may develop due to water stagnation on your roof.

Flexibility in construction

Another great advantage that makes many people favour the gabled style over others is its ability to be freestanding or be attached to an existing structure. It all depends on the layout of your house and the intended functions. For example, attaching a carport to the home can help improve the wind-resistance of the main structure by acting as a windbreak. If you want a standalone carport that can catch the attention of your guests, you can construct your carport separately but still close to the main structure.

Good lighting and ventilation

Again thanks to their triangle-shape, gabled carports can offer better lighting and ventilation. It provides greater space under the carport roof, allowing more light into the structure and increasing the efficiency of airflow.

Visual appeal

Unlike carports with flat or low-pitched roofing, gabled carports are by far more noticeable and attractive. This carport design will definitely add to the beauty of any home, as it can match the pitch of roofs in most homes. What's more, the hip ends of gable carports can be attached to the main structure to further boost the kerb appeal of a home. If your house has a gabled roof, you have all the more reason to install a gabled carport.