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Hello, my name is Doug and in this is my home and garden development blog. On this blog, I will be passing on everything I have learnt about designing, building and maintaining your dream home and garden. And believe me, I know a lot. I am not a professional contractor, but I have spent the last 2 years working with a range of different contractors to develop my home and garden. The guys have done a fantastic job and I am really pleased with the results they have generated. I hope you find this blog useful and enjoyable to read.


Designing Patios To Cater For People With Disabilities

3 December 2014
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Patios are a great way to enjoy outside living, especially in Australia's temperate climate. Unfortunately, many predesigned patios are not particularly accessible to people with disabilities,  which is a shame because the fresh air and atmosphere of sitting in a patio is a benefit to everyone. Here are some design aspects that need to be kept in mind when designing a patio for people with disabilities. Ramps not stairs It is much easier for people with limited mobility to navigate ramps rather than stairs. Read More …

3 reasons You Should Hire A Professional Piano Mover

25 November 2014
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The prospect of moving to a bigger house that suits your needs can be great, but the actual reality of moving is, more often than not, a stressful experience. This is not least because, over the years, you will have acquired a substantial amount of "stuff". Your furniture, your kids' toys, your appliances, and numerous vehicles all have to be moved. And then there are items like pianos. Pianos are often items that are not just valuable in terms of their monetary worth –they are also very often extremely valuable in terms of the personal attachment that owners have to them. Read More …

3 Surprising Places Where Asbestos Can Hide Around Your Home

18 November 2014
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About a third of all Australian homes contain asbestos, and if your home was built before the mid-1980s, yours is probably one of them. Many people think of asbestos as an insulating fibre that hides inside your walls, but it can be hiding out in the open, too. If you plan on doing renovations, you need to be aware of these three surprising places this dangerous material could be hiding.  Read More …

3 Things You Need to Know About Fire Ants

18 November 2014
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Fire ants are not native to Australia, but it hasn't taken long for these imported pests to feel at home. They entered Australia in 2001 and are quickly expanding their range. These pests may soon be in your backyard, if they aren't already there.  Where are fire ants found? Fire ants are native to South America, but they have been introduced to the United States and Australia. In Australia, fire ants were first seen in Brisbane and are still confined to Queensland, at least for now. Read More …

4 Frozen Cocktails that Will Drive Customers to Your Bar

18 November 2014
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When you are a bar owner, it is important to find a point of difference that attracts people to your bar instead of that other bar across the road. You can create a point of difference in a whole range of ways – from choosing a décor that stands out from the crowd to offering unbeatable after-work drinks deals. But, of course, one of the best days to stand out is with the product that you offer. Read More …