Leaking Shower Tray? 3 Steps To Waterproof The Grooves Between The Shower Tray And The Glass Screens

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Leaking Shower Tray? 3 Steps To Waterproof The Grooves Between The Shower Tray And The Glass Screens

7 March 2016
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If you have a separate shower stall in your bathroom, then you know that waterproofing is vital to ensure that water doesn't leak into drier areas. Waterproofing the grooves between the shower tray and the glass screens will help prevent water from spilling in your bathroom, so follow these steps for getting it done right.

Get The Right Waterproofing Sealant For Wet Shower Areas

For this waterproofing task, you will need silicone sealant for wet areas. Silicone sealant can easily be found at most home improvement stores. Since your shower is prone to extreme wetness, be sure to look for a product that is able to resist unsightly mildew and mould for a longer time. Silicone sealant provides good adhesion to the grooved area between the glass screen and the shower tray. You'll ideally want to make sure the sealant is shrink-free when exposed to water, so be sure to choose something meant specifically for wet areas in your home. You can choose between different sealant colours based on your specific bathroom décor.

Apply The Silicone Sealant To The Grooves

Silicone sealant is usually available in a paste-filled cartridge. This cartridge is easy to use if you're looking to undertake this task on your own. You simply need to cut the seal on the top of the cartridge at a slight angle to fit it snugly into the grooves. This ensures a neat application. Fit this cartridge onto a caulking gun and apply steady pressure to it to apply the sealant against the groove joints between the shower tray and glass screens. Caulking guns are also available at home improvement stores. Move this smoothly along the entire grooved area to ensure that every gap is properly filled with sealant. For a smooth finish, use your gloved finger to even out the surface.

Allow The Sealant To Dry Properly Before Use

Wipe the excess sealant away and wait for it to dry before you use your shower once again. If you have used masking tape to cover other areas of the shower, remove it before the sealant dries completely. To expedite the drying process, make sure you ventilate your bathroom well. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for drying, but keep in mind that the process typically takes a few hours for the best adherence. Always use gloves when working with silicone sealant because the product can irritate skin.

Follow these easy steps for waterproofing the grooves between the shower tray and glass screens with silicone sealant.