3 Must-Have Gutter Cleaning Tools for Residential Gutter Maintenance

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3 Must-Have Gutter Cleaning Tools for Residential Gutter Maintenance

9 October 2015
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Having a gutter is one of the ways people handle the water run-off from rainstorms. Gutters help to divert the run-off to a central area so you don't experience landscape washout around your home or plants. The key point to remember with having a gutter is that routine maintenance is necessary to avoid wood rot, blockages, and possible costly issues with your roof due to water damage and mould. For that routine cleaning, there are several must-have tools you should have in your arsenal.

Gutter Scooper

A gutter scooper resembles a scoop that you would use in a kitchen or outdoors in the garden. The scoop is designed to have a longer funnelling system than a traditional scoop and a comfortable handle that is easy to grip and hold on to during cleaning. In order to use a gutter scoop you will need access to the gutter by way of a ladder. The scoop is placed into the gutter and under the debris. You simply push on the scoop to gather the debris and move the debris out of the gutter line to the ground or a debris pail.

Plumbers Snake

You may not think of a plumbers snake as a tool for cleaning your gutters, but it can make a few jobs easier. The plumbers snake can get down into the downspouts of your gutter that may be clogged with leaves and other debris. Though it may not reach the bottom of the downspout, it can release debris that is stuck at the top of the area and help to clear the flow if blockages have occurred. Plumbers snakes do come in several sizes and lengths, but you should make sure that you are comfortable using longer plumbing snakes before purchasing them.

Extra Clamps and Screws

One of the things you may come across while performing routine maintenance on your gutters are loose clamps and screws. These can be due to debris weighing down your gutters or to strong winds or rain loosening the clamps and screws. Having extras on hand is a must-have to keeping your gutter operating smoothly. For example, if you find that a screw or clamp is missing at one portion, you will likely notice that this puts more pressure on other parts of the gutter system. By replacing the screw or clamp you can relieve that pressure and tension and balance the gutter evenly along the roof line.

These are only three of the must-have tools you need for routine gutter cleaning. Remember to contact your local gutter cleaning service like Oz Wide Gutter Cleaning to handle larger tasks and repairs when necessary.