Brilliant Budget Bathrooms | 3 Small-Budget Bathroom Renovation Ideas with Big Pay-Offs

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Brilliant Budget Bathrooms | 3 Small-Budget Bathroom Renovation Ideas with Big Pay-Offs

14 August 2015
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With the average cost of bathroom renovations hovering between $15,500 and $16,000, it's not always possible to give your outdated bathroom a major overhaul. But just because you don't have the big bucks to spare doesn't mean you have to live with a timeworn bathroom. Smart changes can transform the look of an old bathroom without costing you a fortune.

Here are some small-budget bathroom remodeling ideas with big payoffs for the intelligent homeowner:

Cover up Blemishes with Mirrored or Splashback Walls

Tearing down old bathroom walls and retiling them can cost you a small fortune –– especially if you're not interested in the cheaper variety of tiles available in the market. A simple fix is to cover up your worn out walls with glass mirrors or splashbacks for a revitalised look to the entire bathroom.

Glass splashbacks can cost as little as $10 per 100 mm in length or can cost as high as $450 to 500 per square metre for higher grade 6 mm thick toughened glass splashbacks. Back-painted glass splashbacks can be replicated in the same colour as the rest of your bathroom scheme.

Glass mirrors are similar in cost and tend to open up your bathroom space to infuse the illusion of space –– an especially sensible option for small bathrooms. The best part of using splashbacks or mirrors as a substitute is that you only have to cover the worn out areas of your walls –– saving you a ton of money.

Introduce Open Cabinet Shelving to Declutter the Floor

You don't need to invest in expensive closed cabinetry in your bathroom –– especially if it is already crunched for space. But you also don't want your bathroom accessories strewn all across your bathroom floor. A simple solution is to add open shelving to an unused wall in your bathroom to place your towels, shampoos, toilet tissue and other accessories –– this takes away the unattractive clutter from your floor.

This low-budget DIY task will not cost you much, since you only have to pay for the wooden shelves. You can paint them in the same colour theme as your existing bathroom colour for a homogenous finish. Cheap wooden planks can be purchased at wholesale home improvement stores or even online.

Refresh Grout and Caulk

This is perhaps the most budget-friendly upgrade during bathroom renovations and is often the most overlooked. Grout lines and caulk near bathroom sinks can become grimy and dirty –– presenting an unsightly bathroom look. By simply cleaning and replacing your chipped grout with fresh grout from a home improvement store, you can restore the look of your bathroom tiles almost instantly.

Similarly, caulk near bathtubs and sinks can also chip over time. Replace this caulk with inexpensive store-bought caulk and you'll add sparkle to your bathroom for a few dollars.

Bathroom renovations don't have to cost you a fortune when you follow these smart ideas. Contact a company such as Summit Bathrooms to learn more.