3 Services Hardware Stores Provide that Make Your DIY Projects Easier

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3 Services Hardware Stores Provide that Make Your DIY Projects Easier

30 July 2015
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The concept of a hardware store brings to mind lumber, pipes, and tools. In some cases, you may think of a small amount of mercantile being housed in a hardware store as well. The truth is, most hardware stores offer services that every DIY project enthusiasts wish they had.

If you are a DIY projects enthusiast and you want to make them easier, consider these following hardware store services you should know about:

Pipe Cutting

There are several pipe related projects around your home that you may want to tackle. For example, you may want to remodel a bathroom and find that you need shorter lengths of pipes or special joints to create the piping you need. If this is the case you may simply go in and look for the right sizes. If they aren't available, you go to another hardware store.

You may be surprised to find that most home and hardware companies will offer pipe cutting services, so they do have the size you need, they just need to cut it for you and you have to ask for the service. This service may come free of charge at larger stores.

Installation Services

If one of the projects you have on your DIY list is to replace the blinds in your home, carpeting throughout the home, or to lay new tile then a hardware store can help. Most of the sales on things like tile, carpeting, and blinds come with free installation or some form of installation services.

For example, carpeting may cost per square foot to be installed, but the carpeting padding may be installed for free or finishing work may be free. These types of services can make your DIY project move along faster and give a more professional finished look.

Equipment Hire

There are likely several DIY projects that you have on your list, like repaving your concrete driveway or refinishing your deck, that require equipment you don't have. You already know that you can buy your equipment from the hardware stores, but you may not know that the same stores hire out equipment as well.

This means you can finally tackle those larger projects and schedule them for long weekends so you can hire the equipment and get several projects done at once instead of over several months or years.

These are just a few of the services that your local hardware store provides. During your next trip, talk to a sales clerk and describe the projects you are looking to accomplish. They can let you know the price estimate, help you find the materials, and discuss the services they offer to help you accomplish your DIY goals.