Couch Turf Care in Winter

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Couch Turf Care in Winter

6 July 2015
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When winter arrives, couch turf grass suffers more than any other lawn varieties primarily because it has a very fine leaf blade. By having an understanding of why couch turf loses its colour during winter or dies off in some areas, you will be able to provide proper care to it. Here's some general information about couch turfs as well as how to properly take care of them.

Sunlight requirement

Couch turf has the thinnest fine leaf blade of all lawn types. This is the reason couch lawn looks as attractive as it does; however, it does have one primary downside. Because the leaf is so thin, there is significantly smaller leaf area, which ultimately means that the leaf is extremely poor when it comes to photosynthesis. As a result, couch turf has an extremely high requirement for natural sunlight.

This is why this type of lawn suffers enormously during winter. Because the sunlight hours are reduced severely, the lawn's food supply decreases and this leads to the lawn looking worse every day. Because the sun shifts during winter, some areas might not be receiving direct sunlight at all, and this means that those areas will die off completely.

Dealing With Lawn Areas That Died Off

If you have noticed any lawn areas that have died off during the winter, you could attempt to trim the surrounding foliage in order to increase the amount of sunlight that your couch turf receives. If you are unable to trim the surrounding foliage any further, you could resort to planting another type of lawn in the now empty area. Buffalo grass is extremely tolerant to shade, which means it is a perfect solution for winter months. Another solution would be to over-seed the area with Cool Season grass during mid-autumn. By doing that, you will assure a green lawn during winter which will die off as soon as the temperature increases, allowing you to reseed the couch turf.

Aeration of the Lawn

Lawn aeration is a process that allows the removal of plugs of thatch, soil and lawn by punching holes into the lawn with a coring machine. This process greatly aids the free flow of water and oxygen through the soil, ultimately breaking up any compacted soil.

By aerating your lawn during winter, you will reduce any issues with water retention in the soil, boost the free flow of oxygen and water, and finally, the fertilisers you use will have a greater impact on the soil. This process should be done during late autumn, and for obtaining the greatest benefits, the resulting holes should be left open.

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