Winter Is Approaching: 2 Reasons to Choose a Gabled Patio for Your Home

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Winter Is Approaching: 2 Reasons to Choose a Gabled Patio for Your Home

7 April 2015
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While it makes sense that many people install their patios before the summer begins, just as many consumers will take advantage of the end-of-season sales to put their new patio into place. Now that you are hunting for a covered patio so that you can still spend time outside over the upcoming wet months, you have already noticed that there are a lot of different design options open to you.

A gabled patio works well with many homes, and here are two reasons why it will work well with yours.

Extra Height

The distinct feature of a gabled patio is the height that it gives to your outdoor entertainment area. Gabled patios rise up to a high roofline in the shape of an inverted "V". If you have family members over 1.83 meters tall, a gabled roof will make them feel like they do not have to stoop when they are standing up.

Not only does this extra height work for those who are tall, but it also makes the patio area feel bigger. Flat roofs will make a patio feel enclosed and small, whereas the high pitch of a gable patio will make the area feel big and spacious.

Adds Extra Light

During the winter months when the world outside is darker and colder, you need as much natural light in your patio as you can get. Not only does the gabled roof already gives a more airy feel to the patio than a closed in roof does, but it also reflects more light back into the space. Painting the inside of the pitched roof a light, neutral colour will help every light ray to bounce straight back down into the patio area below. This means that no light goes to waste, and your patio is never dank and dreary.

Putting a gabled patio at the back of your home will give you an area where you can still entertain your friends and family while enjoying the winter months. Additionally, when the summer does roll around once more, you have a patio that is all ready for use. The gabled patio will make sure that hot air doesn't end up sitting on top of you and your guests, but will help to keep you all cool and comfortable the whole year round.

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