Common Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Your Roller Garage Door

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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Your Roller Garage Door

24 March 2015
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A roller garage door is an important fixture that provides security to your vehicles and the house as well. With that in mind, it's best to treat your garage door as a security door when it comes to installation. This means getting a quality garage door and installing it in the right manner. Read on to see some of the common mistakes to look out for as you plan to install your new roller garage door.

Wrong Door Measurements

When you order a garage door, most manufacturers will tailor make a custom unit for you. This is because different houses have different garage sizes. If you do not get your measurements recorded correctly, you will experience great difficulty trying to install your new door. Your garage door has to fit onto your door frame with utmost precision. This means even if your readings were off by a centimeter, you may still be in for trouble. If your garage door is small, it will not provide the needed security as it will not fit inside the guide rails. The door frame may not even get into the rails and thereby not close as it should. If the door is larger than it should, you may find you don't have enough space to fit it appropriately.

Injuries During Installation

Another important aspect of roller door installations that you should never underestimate is safety. To avoid injuries on the job, always fear full safety gear from head to toe. Safety boots will protect your feet, a helmet will do the same for your head and industrial-grade gloves will protect your palms from slat cuts. A rolled metallic garage door is heavy and can cause grave damage if you were to drop it onto yourself. If possible, get a colleague to help you with the heavy lifting as well.

Wrong Installation Plans

Even if you're a seasoned DIYer, don't open up your roller garage door and start work without reading the instructions. Garage doors are made with parts specific to the manufacturer. Others feature specially patented hinges and parts that you won't find in other doors. This means if you try to install your door according to another door's setup, you may end up doing the wrong thing. As such check the manufacturer's instructions first. A wrongly installed roller door may refuse to roll, may get stuck on the rails or may fail to fit on its supporting brackets.

If you feel out of your depth with your roller door installation, there's no harm in calling a technician (like those at United Doors Pty Ltd) to help you out. The function of your door, your safety and that of your car and house depends on it.