Window Roller Shutters: Picking the Right Stuff

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Window Roller Shutters: Picking the Right Stuff

11 March 2015
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Window roller shutters are growing in popularity with each passing dawn. One main reason for this is probably their ability to fully multitask and meet different objectives simultaneously.  Roller shutters can be used to boost the ambiance of your home. They also act as really good insulators and save energy for your home while still reducing the noise from outside. Above all, these shutters keep your home safe due to their tough nature. But before you get carried away and grab the first deal you come across, have some of these tips in mind.

Security Considerations

One of the most widespread reasons for purchasing shutters is usually due to the heightened security the provide. But it's not a feature that all roller shutters have. The security you're looking for would be dependent on your current situation.

If you live in a high crime area, or spend a lot of time travelling and away from your home, then you shouldn't look at wooden shutters. They are far too easy to break into. You can benefit from some plastic roller shutters but your best option would be to pick aluminium or steel shutters. They are resilient, tough and also durable. But the material doesn't necessarily equate to high security. Ensure the roller fully covers the whole length of the window and is comprehensively strengthened in both dimensions. This means that a thief won't be able to pull the shutter pieces apart.

Safety in Case of Disaster

While security focuses on keeping the unwanted parties out, safety tends to focus on the inhabitants of the building. Disaster strikes without warning and if you are a forward thinker, then you'd want to be ready for it. Once you've determined that the shutters are impenetrable from the outside, try and figure out if they can be opened easily from the inside. You don't want a fire to start out and then people get trapped spending more time than necessary trying to open the windows. What you're looking for is a window roller shutter that's got a quick release mechanism which easily releases the blinds from the inside. It can be a switch or a handle to pull but the main point is to ensure it can't be reached from the outside.


The insulation of the shutters matter and this is going to affect how much heat or noise they keep out. Ensure the shutters you get are foam injected and this will boost their insulating properties enabling them to retain most of the heat in winter and keeping it out in summer. This will also keep most of the noise out.

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