World Plumbing Day: Celebrating the Best of the Best

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World Plumbing Day: Celebrating the Best of the Best

3 February 2015
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There are certain industry celebrations that are known all over the world, and yet there are a number of lower key awards that congratulate industries that might have a greater bearing on your day to day life. World Plumbing Day is celebrated in March of each year and the occasion is used to celebrate the best of the best in the world of commercial plumbing.

A highlight of Australian World Plumbing Day is a competition between plumbing apprentices, allowing them to demonstrate their skill and speed in accomplishing a number of commercial plumbing tasks, perhaps meaning that they will go on to represent Australia at the WorldSkills competition, held every two years. So what must a commercial plumbing apprentice do to demonstrate that he or she is in fact the best of the best?

Pipe Joining

The competition includes a plumbing skills apprentice competition, where young plumbers can demonstrate their ability to accomplish a variety of plumbing tasks, such as pipe joining. Marks are awarded based upon their speed, accuracy, overall neatness, and even their attitude towards their work.

Sprinkler Systems

The second key component of the competition is an important aspect of commercial plumbing that is perhaps not as immediately evident as others. In some instances, it can be just as important for a water system to be able to deliver huge amounts of water to somewhere other than a bath or shower, and the installation of a commercial fire sprinkler system is the next part of the assessment.

In a country susceptible to bush fires such as Australia, a fire sprinkler system is invaluable in commercial buildings. Competitors are graded on their speed and efficiency to install a sprinkler system from scratch.

Key Issues

World Plumbing Day also offers a chance for plumbers, both commercial and residential, to come together and discuss key issues that affect their industry. Items such as water conservation and industry health issues are examined in a series of lectures and workshops, although the competitive aspects of the day are arguably more popular.

Attendees eagerly watch apprentices do their best to win the title, allowing them to represent Australia at the WorldSkills competition, which will be held in 2015 in São Paulo, Brazil, and again in 2017 in Abu Dhabi, United Arabs Emirates.

The occasion is a wonderful opportunity for young plumbers to demonstrate their skills and learn new ones—skills they will then bring to their career serving Australian commercial plumbing needs. Keep up to date by contacting local plumbers such as Epg Electrical Plumbing Group Pty Ltd.