Buying Basics For New Motorhomes

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Buying Basics For New Motorhomes

23 January 2015
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A motorhome is a significant financial investment so it is important for the buyer to be well-informed about the variable aspects. There are different vehicles in the market designed for the purpose of accommodation but like a residential building, not every model is suitable for the needs of the buyer. There is no definitive formula to apply during selection and even the first-rate products are not universally appropriate. When purchasing your new motorhome, consider these factors to ascertain that the ultimate choice made is the best for you and your family.


For first-time buyers, identifying the right size for a motorhome is challenging. The key to acquiring a fitting model is to consider the payload and the attached weight restrictions set by the manufacturer. Estimate the total weight to be carried in the vehicle and compare it to the ratings indicated for the product. In addition to weight, the space available should be considered with regard to the number of people who will be living within it on a regular basis. Ensure that the sleeping space is sufficient and that there are enough seats. If the motorhome will not be used frequently on the road, there are options such as awnings and screen rooms. These can be used to extend the living space and so the vehicle size should be reconsidered accordingly.


The set kitchen space is usually small and so most people do not use it extensively. If you are planning on preparing meals, think about the number of appliances that can comfortably fit into the room in addition to utensils and the food supplies. For economy of space, a microwave-oven is typically used as the main cooking appliance.

The bathroom facility should also be chosen with extreme care since it is a necessity. The amenity can be small such that the extra space is used elsewhere since very little time is spent in the bathroom. Alternately, it could be bigger to accommodate the buyer's lifestyle and body size.


Motorhomes are expensive so set a budget before you begin exploring the options. They are built well to withstand varying conditions so even the apparent entry-level auto-homes will be relatively costly. Still, buying a new product is preferable to choosing a cheaper used alternative. The latter may prove to be problematic and resale may not be an option if you decide to settle into a stationary home. Finally, ensure that you verify the model specifications before paying, even if the motorhome is new.