Should You Call a Repair Specialist for a Broken Washing Machine or Just Replace it?

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Should You Call a Repair Specialist for a Broken Washing Machine or Just Replace it?

9 January 2015
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Too many people simply order a new washing machine when the old one stops working, but that could be totally unnecessary. It's easy to assume that a breakdown means the washing machine is on its last legs, especially when it is over one or two years old, but calling a repair specialist instead is often the right thing to do. Here's why:

Many Parts Come Cheap

Here's the best reason not to replace your broken washing machine: most of its parts are quite cheap. Of course, there are some more expensive elements—such as the motor—but components such as pulleys, belts, and seals cost barely anything, and they might be what's behind the problem.

Try considering it with more familiar terms in mind. Would you replace it if the space bar wasn't working? You would rather think about getting a new model if the hard drive was out of order, but you need to know which part is broken before making a decision.

You'll Get Expert Advice

Of course, sometimes a larger, more costly part of the machine will be broken, and a full replacement will be in order. You'll still have done the right thing by contacting a repair specialist, though.  

Firstly, you won't toss and turn at night wondering if you really needed a new machine. More importantly though, a repair person will be able to let you know exactly how the machine broke. Perhaps your motor broke burnt out you were overloading the drum. Properly informed, you won't make the same mistake again, meaning your next machine will last longer.

It's Quicker and Simpler Than You Think

Okay, maybe your washing machine could last a year or two more once it gets fixed up, but is it really worth the effort? After all, you'll need to wait for a repair person to turn up, and then the machine might need to be taken away.

People often jump to those conclusions, but many repairs can be completed quickly, and most won't require the model to be moved. You'll also find that many repair specialists offer fast servicing, so your machine will probably be fixed within the time it would take to shop for and order a new model—not to mention the amount of it time it takes figuring out the settings!

Sometimes you really will need to retire your washing machine, and the expected cost and hassle can make that a difficult pill to swallow. Don't go through it if you don't need to; if your washing machine has broken, or seems to be struggling, call a repair specialist such as Everlast for more information.