3 reasons You Should Hire A Professional Piano Mover

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3 reasons You Should Hire A Professional Piano Mover

25 November 2014
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The prospect of moving to a bigger house that suits your needs can be great, but the actual reality of moving is, more often than not, a stressful experience. This is not least because, over the years, you will have acquired a substantial amount of "stuff". Your furniture, your kids' toys, your appliances, and numerous vehicles all have to be moved. And then there are items like pianos. Pianos are often items that are not just valuable in terms of their monetary worth –they are also very often extremely valuable in terms of the personal attachment that owners have to them. If you are a piano owner, you will probably be wondering whether you should attempt to move your piano yourself or not. Here are a few reasons why it's a far better idea to hire a piano removalist for the task.

Moving a piano upstairs. If you want your piano to live on a second or third floor, hiring special piano movers is pretty much essential. Some people do try to move pianos up stairways, but this can lead to scratches, bumps and blemishes on the piano's finish, which is not ideal. Instead, it is a good idea to use a hoist to elevate a piano on the outside of a building and work it into a higher floor in that way. Of course, the vast majority of people don't have experience using hoists and will need professional assistance to get the job done safely.

Professional dismantling. Some pianos can be moved in one piece, but if you have a larger model like a grand piano, it might be necessary to take your piano apart and put it back together again when you arrive at your new home. Professional piano movers know exactly how to do this and will wrap each part of your piano in protective materials to ensure that they are moved safely.

You will be insured. Any professional removalists will also provide insurance for a move. This means that in the unlikely case that something does happen to your piano while it is in transit, you will be fully compensated for the damage. There are some companies that don't consider a piano to be a regular item for moving and you might have to pay an extra fee for a piano, so shop around and find an insurance company that will insure a piano as standard.