4 Frozen Cocktails that Will Drive Customers to Your Bar

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4 Frozen Cocktails that Will Drive Customers to Your Bar

18 November 2014
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When you are a bar owner, it is important to find a point of difference that attracts people to your bar instead of that other bar across the road. You can create a point of difference in a whole range of ways – from choosing a décor that stands out from the crowd to offering unbeatable after-work drinks deals.

But, of course, one of the best days to stand out is with the product that you offer. Instead of selling the usual beers, wines, and spirits, why not purchase a commercial ice machine to create unique frozen cocktails in the summer months? Here are a few delicious frozen cocktail ideas to get you started and attract those customers.

Rock Lobster. In the summertime, tropical flavours are always a hit, and with this cooling cocktail, you will be ticking all those summertime boxes. A delicious taste of the Caribbean, the Rock Lobster cocktail blends both coconut and dark rums, but the fun doesn't stop there. Add grenadine, banana, pineapple juice, orange, and combine it all with lots of crushed ice, and you have the perfect summer cocktail.

The Par-Tee. This is a tea based frozen cocktail that is perfect for leisurely summer afternoons. What's more, you won't need to hire any expert mixologists in your bar to create this showstopper because it's incredibly simple to make. Just combine some lemon juice, crushed ice, water, and sugar syrup together. Add this to brewed and chilled oolong tea and serve with a slice of lemon.

Prosecco coolers. If your bar is upmarket, you probably want to serve something a little fancier than margaritas. A great way to add a touch of class to your drinks offering is by serving Prosecco coolers. Add one third of limoncello to two thirds Prosecco, and add a special touch with raspberries. Instead of using crushed ice for this frozen cocktail, freeze your raspberries and put about 5 in each glass. This adds freshness, flavour, and the quality of a frozen cocktail to the drink.

Beach towel. This cocktail is seriously decadent, and actually sits somewhere between cocktail and dessert territory. The base of the cocktail is essentially the same as a daiquiri: white rum, sugar syrup, fresh fruit (bananas and strawberries work particularly well), and crushed ice. But in addition to this, a good slug of double cream is added to create something that is naughty but very nice indeed.

Talk to commercial ice machine suppliers such as Ice Machines Australia so you can start creating amazing drinks to add to your repertoire.