Poor AC Function | 4 Indicators Of A Broken Air Conditioning Fan Motor

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Poor AC Function | 4 Indicators Of A Broken Air Conditioning Fan Motor

14 July 2016
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Many things can go wrong with an air conditioning unit in its lifetime, especially when you need it the most, whether it is with internal components or with electrical mechanisms. Like any internal component, fan motors within the AC can fail or break down over prolonged use. If left unchecked, your entire AC can breakdown. This guide helps you identify indicators of a broken air conditioning fan motor. Once you realise these issues, you can take necessary precautions to have these fan motors fixed.

No Air Or Low Volume Of Air Coming Through The System

When the motors fail or slow down, then the rotation of the fan also slows down or stops. This will reduce the volume of air coming through the system. In some cases, no air will come into your home at all. When you turn on your air conditioning unit and notice no air or decreased air through the vents, you may have a problem with the fan motor. Call a qualified technician immediately to get the problem fixed.

Run Capacitor Leaks

Every fan motor within an air conditioning unit contains an attached element known as a run capacitor. This run capacitor stores the additional electricity necessary when the air conditioning motor needs an additional boost to start operating. If this run capacitor is damaged or faulty, then oil can leak from the system and will result in poorly running fan motors. 

Hot Air Blows From The Supply Vents

The fan motors within an air conditioning unit need to keep airflow constantly moving to aid the process of cooling your home. When a fan motor malfunctions within the system, the cooling of the air process is affected and the air conditioning unit will end up blowing hot air from the supply vents. This can make it extremely uncomfortable during hot summers. A qualified AC technician will need to check the motors to see whether they can be repaired or need complete replacement.

Humming Sounds Emanate From The Unit

Sometimes you may hear a type of humming sound coming from the area where the fan motors are located within the unit. This could occur because of a problem with the wiring of the fan motor. This problem requires intervention by a qualified professional because it can be difficult for you to diagnose on your own without any training.

If you notice any of these indicators of broken fan motors within your air conditioning unit, make sure you call a qualified technician immediately to prevent it from getting worse.