Stained Quilt? 4 Steps To Remove Curry Stains From Your Wool Quilt

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Stained Quilt? 4 Steps To Remove Curry Stains From Your Wool Quilt

29 March 2016
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Your wool quilt is probably one of the most comfortable accompaniments to your sleep during the cold winter months. If you're the type of person that eats on their bed while watching television, then chances are you're going to deal with a food stain someday. This guide is designed to equip you with proper steps to remove stubborn curry stains from your wool quilt.

Gather Your Cleaning Supplies

For getting rid of stubborn curry stains on your wool quilt, you will need white vinegar, liquid detergent, cool water, isopropyl cleaning alcohol, sponges and lint-free cloths. Avoid using warm or hot water because the heat may cause the wool fibres to shrink. Vinegar is an ideal natural cleaning agent thanks to its acetic acid content, which makes it easy to eliminate stains. Isopropyl alcohol is available at most home improvement stores and works as a cleaner and sanitiser to remove pungent curry odours from your wool quilt.

Mix Solution And Apply It To Stain

Mix a few drops of liquid dishwashing detergent with water and vinegar in equal proportions until a foamy solution starts to form. Spray this solution over the stain generously, so that it gets completely saturated. Use a sponge to dab over the solution and let it sit for a few minutes. After some time, keep dabbing until the stain begins to lighten. You may need to spray some of the solution over the stain a few times to eliminate it completely. Use plain water to remove the solution from the stained area once it lightens or disappears.

Pour Isopropyl Alcohol Over The Stain

After cleaning the mixed vinegar, detergent and water solution, pour isopropyl alcohol over the stain and blot it using a lint-free cloth. Some isopropyl alcohol bottles are available in spray form, so you simple need to spray them over the curry stain. This action will clean and sanitise the stain to remove any residual odours from the curry. Once again, apply some plain water and dab with a cloth to remove the alcohol from the stain.

Let The Wool Quilt Dry

Wool quilts are thick, so they will generally take longer to dry. A good idea is to undertake this cleaning task in a well-ventilated room to allow quicker drying. Alternatively, you can hang your wool quilt on a clothes hanger outside to quicken the drying time.

Follow these quick tricks to remove stubborn curry stains from your wool quilt before they get deeply embedded in the fibres.