Self Storage | 4 Step-By-Step Guidelines To Pack A Chandelier For Self Storage

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Self Storage | 4 Step-By-Step Guidelines To Pack A Chandelier For Self Storage

30 December 2015
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If you're moving from one home to another or simply planning home renovations, you'll need to consider a self-storage unit for placing all your household items, including light fixtures and chandeliers. Chandeliers add a touch of luxurious elegance to your home, but these expensive lights need proper maintenance and storage because of their delicate fragility. If you're planning to store your chandelier in the self-storage unit, be sure to follow these step-by-step guidelines for safe storage.

Remove The Chandelier And Tape Wires Neatly

You will need to begin by removing the chandelier from your home's ceiling. Since this fixture may be too big and expensive, it's best to engage the services of a professional electrician to remove it expertly without causing any breakage. Shut off the mains before undertaking this task to prevent any undue shocks. Once the chandelier has been removed from the ceiling, tape the wires together or bind them neatly with bands to avoid any damage in the self-storage unit.

Remove Light Bulbs

Remove all the light bulbs from the chandelier to avoid breakage and damage while the chandelier is on the move. Cover these light bulbs neatly with bubble-wrap and store them in small cardboard boxes. If you have the original boxes, then store the light bulbs in them. This will prevent them from rolling around and breaking.

Remove All Detachable Pieces From The Chandelier

Certain parts of a chandelier like the cups, chains and arms are likely to be detachable. Remove each piece carefully and enclose them in bubble-wrap. Bubble wrap provides an added layer of protection for each item before they are placed in a box. Fill the base of the box with plenty of newspaper before placing the detachable chandelier pieces in the box to prevent them from coming into contact with the hard ground. Once each piece is carefully stored in the box, add some more newspaper or packing paper to prevent these items from moving around during transport or when the box is in the self-storage unit. Similarly, use bubble-wrap to individually wrap any crystals to prevent them from coming into contact with each other and scratching.

Place The Main Chandelier In A Large Cardboard Box

The box you choose should ideally be bigger than your chandelier. This gives you the opportunity to line the box with proper packing paper cushioning to protect your precious investment. Use packing paper to hold the chandelier firmly in place when it is inside the box. Avoid using packing chips because these small pieces will fall to the base of the box and will not hold the chandelier firmly in place. Make sure you use enough paper to prevent the chandelier from moving around. Cover the top of the chandelier with packing paper and seal the box. Mark your chandelier boxes as fragile, so the movers take more care with them during transport to the self-storage unit.

Follow these steps when placing your chandelier in the self-storage unit.