Florist | 4 Tips to Perk Up Floral Centrepieces for Your Summer Soiree

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Florist | 4 Tips to Perk Up Floral Centrepieces for Your Summer Soiree

16 December 2015
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Planning a summer soiree is tons of fun, especially if you're the type of person who loves to socialise. To plan your party, you'll need to consider everything from decorations and the guest list to drinks and catering. If you're worried about floral centrepieces getting ruined in the mid-summer heat, work with your florist and follow these tips to perk up your flower arrangements.

Opt for Flowers That Remain Fresh for Long Periods

Since your summer party is likely to last for several hours, you'll want your floral centrepieces to remain fresh throughout the day. Flowers like orchids, tiger lilies and roses have high staying power and will remain fresh even in high temperatures. Ask your florist for other local flower options that will remain fresh for long periods, even when the temperature soars.

Manage the Flowers Smartly

Keep in mind that higher temperatures will require more flower maintenance to keep them fresh for longer. You'll ideally want them to be delivered to your home from the florist just a few hours before your party is scheduled to begin. Keep them out of direct sunlight until your party begins or the flowers will start to sag too soon. Once you place them on the tables, you may need to spray the flowers with water every once in a while to ensure that they don't start wilting in direct sunlight. This light misting will keep them looking fresh and bright throughout your party.

Choose Bright Flowers to Reflect Your Summer Theme

If you're throwing a summer soiree, then you'll want to choose flowers that reflect the perkiness of the season. Bright flowers are naturally associated with warm climates, so consider bold hues to add cheerfulness to the space. For an outdoor summer party, you can afford to choose a variety of bold hues like magenta, violet, fuchsia and crimson. You can pair these colours with bright yellows and oranges to add exuberance and vibrant pops of colour to your summer soiree. You can discuss the different flower colour options with your florist.

Let the Centrepiece Style Resonate With the Style of Your Party

If you're throwing a more formal summer party, then you can choose tall vases with overflowing bold flowers for your centrepiece. If your party is more casual, you can create a modern vibe by displaying bright flower hues in subtle, transparent bowls. Wooden bowls filled with colourful flowers like daisies and sunflowers also work well for semiformal and casual parties.

Work with your florist and use these tips to perk up the floral centrepieces for your summer soiree.