Merits and Demerits of Split System Air Handlers

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Merits and Demerits of Split System Air Handlers

26 August 2015
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Air conditioning technology offers many solutions to the problems of heat during the warm season and cold during the cooler months. Most systems offer either of these two solutions, but the most preferable offer both. These dual air conditioning systems, also known as split systems, offer air conditioning solutions through specialised filtration units to improve not only the ambient temperatures, but also the air quality.

Merits of split system air handlers

Based on the dual operation of split system aircon, they also come with advanced digital management systems that monitor many operating parameters. Many of these systems have monitoring systems that check the functioning of the temperature sensing units, heating elements, the inverter unit and their air filtration units for deterioration.

In case these important components experience problems or need replacement, the monitoring systems indicate on the air conditioner unit's display. Such intelligent operation is a useful bonus for appliances such as split system air conditioners that operate passively over long periods. Additionally, split system air conditioning systems operate silently and blend in well with the interior design of the buildings. Therefore, due to their long service life and low ambient noise, split systems work well in hospitals, offices and libraries.

Some manufactures incorporate air-freshening capabilities into their split systems to offer increased functionality making them more versatile. Using several natural scents, the split system can replicate different environments depending on the operator's desired room temperature.

Demerits of split system air handlers

Besides the advantages of split system air conditioning units, there are some disadvantages to operating them. Split systems cost more than their single operation counterparts based on the dual functionality. Some of these systems cost thousands of dollars, making them an expensive investment. Installation and servicing air-handling units such as these split systems requires skilled personnel who charge nominal fees, making them costly. Additionally, incorrect matching leads to short cycling and wastes energy, since small systems cannot operate effectively, while over conditioning wastes energy.

Some units available in the market do not offer the best aesthetic appeal based on size and shape. Many people find split system units bulky and intrusive, especially those that are slightly larger such as window-based systems. Additionally, the high power consumption of these split systems gets magnified in larger rooms that utilise big or multiple units. Such high costs of operation, coupled with the expensive purchase prices, prompt some people to opt for other alternatives.