Renovate Your Small Kitchen to Make it Appear Larger

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Renovate Your Small Kitchen to Make it Appear Larger

22 July 2015
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People choosing to renovate a smaller kitchen often want to make it seem a little bit bigger than it really is. This makes it feel more comfortable to cook in, as well as more inviting for visitors and potential buyers. Here's how to make it happen:

Lighten Up

If you want to make a kitchen look larger, start by making it lighter. If your renovation can cover the cost of enlarging a window or adding a skylight, you'll swear that you've actually added square-footage, but other tricks can be utilised to a similar effect. Make proper use of artificial light by using plenty of well-space bulbs – not just in the ceiling, but under your shelves. Of course, you'll also want to make sure nothing blocks the windows.

Pick the Right Tiles

You can make a room feel larger simply by using larger tiles instead of smaller ones. The additional grouting needed for smaller tiles breaks up the room, making it feel too busy, but using larger tiles with wide horizontal stripes will trick the eye into perceiving the space as more expansive than it really is.

Colour it Right

Light colours work best in smaller rooms. Keep this in mind when you're choosing cabinets and furniture. White is the best for fostering an open atmosphere, but you obviously don't want an all-white kitchen! Try just painting the walls white or cream, then use light shades for the fixtures and furniture. Colour accents are fine, but try to keep to a certain palette if you want the room to avoid looking to hectic and crowded.

Use Transparent Materials

Shutting away space behind opaque doors will only make your kitchen seem cramped. While you're renovating, try to use cabinets and drawers which have glass or semi-transparent plastic faces wherever you can. This will make the room feel less restrictive.

Embrace Vertical Space

Vertical storage space is perfect for making a kitchen appear taller and larger. They'll also provide a place for all your clutter- and clutter does not for a larger-seeming kitchen make. Replace shorter cabinets with those which reach all the way up to the ceiling, and make sure that you place any appliances and dishes which aren't frequently used out of the way on the top of them. You can also add pegs for your mugs and a magnetic block for your knives. This is a great way to free up counter space.

If your kitchen is a little on the smaller side, be sure to take advantage of these handy tips. Contact a company like Kitchen Connection to learn more.